Our Solution: Explorer Live

Explorer Live is an easy-to-use, minimal footprint, modern mobile solution that can travel anywhere it needs to be. Set up in minutes, it closes the gap of access to expertise for your educational needs so physicians can focus on what matters most.

Just Imagine the Possibilities

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  • Reinforce best practices with customized techniques for consistency during a procedure

    Explorer Live's digital playbook enables medical device physicians to map out known best practices step-by-step for the entire clinical team and a physician’s preference.

    Create a visual, step-by-step, media-rich procedural playbook for each role in the procedure room.

    Create an environment of consistency to engage the entire room.

  • Accelerate product adoption anywhere in the world with unlimited access at any time

    Interact directly with customers with limitless access and never miss an opportunity by bringing the procedure to them to observe procedures, collaborate on product development, and explore growth potential.

    Provide the guidance you know leads to reproducible outcomes.

    Provide training at the right time with the right person for excellence in outcomes and increased product adoption.

  • Capture real-time, structured data to demystify the procedural black box

    Explorer Live provides the ability to measure performance and gain access to intraprocedural insights with visibility into what previously may have been difficult to access or unknown.

    Gain transparency and insights into utilization and performance.

    Real-time feedback and analytics customizable to the needs.

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