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ExplORer Live is a digital platform for medical device teams to share best practices and remotely connect with physicians. ExplORer Live delivers an exceptional experience to strengthen techniques, accelerate product adoption, and support successful outcomes.

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A digital playbook with a cockpit view of any procedure

ExpORer Live's digital playbook is a customized, step-by-step guide for each clinical team member with a device's recommended use and a physician's preference in real-time.


Accelerate access to products anywhere in the world, at any time, with unlimited use

ExplORer Live's secure software is an easy-to-use platform with a minimal footprint in a procedure that provides medical device companies with unlimited access to remotely connect physicians anywhere in the world.

Visibility of data previously not easily accessible

ExplORer Live's customizable data capture provides structured insights of procedural best practices that may not have previously been easily accessible.

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Collaborating with...

  • Dr. Vasili Karas
    Orthopedic Surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

    ExplORer Surgical is an invaluable tool to ensure that surgeons like Dr. Karas, and his OR support team, are able to set-up and use the OMNIbotics robotic platform efficiently and effectively.

    At Corin our goal is to achieve excellent patient outcomes with our system, and ExplORer Surgical puts OMNIbotics best practices in the hands of new users when it matters most - during the procedure.

    Ben Purcell
    Area Vice President, Corin USA
  • Dr. Christopher Ross
    Emergency Medicine Physician at Rockford Memorial Hospital

    The expectations for procedural education and product training have evolved, more than ever before societal expectations put patient and health care professionals safety in the forefront. This is why Teleflex invests in cadaveric procedural training and innovative technology to meet our education goals of knowledge acquisition, skill coordination and improved decision making.

    Our programs use innovative technology, such as ExplORer Surgical, to effectively transform learning into a more collaborative, personalized, and empowering experience in a safe environment.

    Michelle Fox
    Chief Medical Officer, Teleflex
  • Dr. Hemal Gada
    President of the Heart and Vascular Institute and Medical Director of the Structural Heart Program at UPMC Pinnacle
  • Intervene has partnered with ExplORer since 2019 to develop proctor and data collection modules for our clinical trial. We’ve used these modules to both support cases and collect case data in coordination with the procedure steps, enabling us to obtain valuable, time-stamped information for our clinical trial and our procedural development.

    Michi Garrison
    VP of R&D and Operations at Intervene, Inc.
  • Surgical efficiency and data collection are core to the mission of Asensus Surgical and performance-guided surgery, and ExplORer is a trusted partner in how we ensure that for our customers. I've enjoyed getting to know Jennifer and the ExplORer team over the last few years, and I am excited to see all the new data points that we're able to collect during Senhance procedures.

    Anthony Fernando
    CEO of Asensus Surgical
  • ExplORer Surgical enables our company to provide world-class peer advice and training directly to the trauma community when needed, where needed. Trauma by definition is always unscheduled. By enabling true on demand peer teaching and support directly to trauma surgeons - even in a crisis, ExplORer provides our company a key competitive advantage and will be foundational for the launch of our new p-REBOA-PRO hemorrhage control catheter.

    David Spencer
    CEO of Prytime

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